Created in 1864, the « Grand Café des Négociants » settles in Lyon’s History.

It keeps throughout time its Second Empire decor characterized by its moulded and painted ceilings, its splendid opulent curtains and its numerous mirrors, all in burgundy and mahogany monochrome that give it a warm ambiance.

Formerly a place of negotiation for diamond merchants, silk merchants and wholesale butchers that used numerous mirrors to communicate discretely through signs, the brasserie has remained the meeting place for politicians, artists, business travelers…

Located on the Peninsula (classified at World Heritage by Unesco), between place Bellecour and the Town Hall, steps from the Palais de la Bourse, the Célestins theater and the Opera, in the heart of the golden square where are located luxury boutiques, the Grand Café des Négociants welcomes you daily throughout the year.